Join our successful fundraising programs and help raise money for your school, team or organization!

Did you know that Vandermeer Nursery has been offering a Spring and Winter Fundraising Program for over 15 years? We have helped hundreds of local non-profits and teams with their fundraising effort by offering quality seasonal planters for organizers to purchase at a discount and then sell at cost.

Spring Fundraising

Available starting in March

Our Spring Fundraising program includes spring-decorated planters in a range of prices and profits. We begin accepting registration in March and deliver plants during April (before Easter Sunday).

We deliver to Toronto and across the Durham region! Please contact us for delivery cost or to find out how to qualify for free delivery.

Spring fundraising plants.
Previous Spring Fundraising examples

Winter Fundraising

Registration is now closed for our 2019 Winter Season. For more information about your orders, please contact our Fundraising Office below.

Our Winter Fundraising program includes winter-decorated baskets and evergreen planters in a wide range of prices and profits. We begin accepting registration beginning in September and deliver the plants during November and December.

Contact us about delivery prices and to find out how your organization may quality for free delivery and a free Pollinator Kit!

Winter fundraising plants.
Previous Winter Fundraising examples

How does the program work?

1. Registration

Once registration opens for either program, contact us or drop by our store to sign up!

We will ask for your information along with how many Program Sheets you would like to request. For example, many schools request based on how many students are participating in their fundraising drive, while smaller teams or troops may only ask for a few dozen. You can always contact us to request more Program Sheets!

Pick up your Fundraising Package at our store.

The earlier you pick up, the more time you will have to raise money! We will provide you with all of the tools you need to stay organized, including an Information Sheet with profit margins, a Total Sheet and the number of Program Sheets you requested.

Please note that we cannot mail fundraising packages and that they are available to be picked up in person only.

Add the orders and submit your final quantities to us on the Total Sheet.

You may email, fax or drop off the Total Sheet at our store! Once we receive your totals, we will contact you via email with an Order Confirmation that you must approve before we can continue. Please review this confirmation carefully. This is the best time to add any last-minute products if you need to.

Once you've confirmed the Order Confirmation, we will send you a final Invoice and prepare the plants for pickup or delivery.

2. Choose Voucher or Delivery Method

When submitting your order, you will need to arrange how to receive the plants. The Voucher method allows you to hand out Voucher Coupons to distribute to your customers so that they can visit our store and select their items for themselves!

Alternately, our Delivery service is available across the Greater Toronto Area and Durham region. We will ship all of your planters to your location so you can then arrange distribution to your customers. Please contact us for delivery scheduling and pricing, as it varies by location. Larger orders may qualify for FREE delivery.

Please note that deliveries must be scheduled in advance and that we can only guarantee specific dates (not times). To get an estimate of the delivery time window, please call us on the morning of your scheduled delivery.

For even smaller orders, you can simply choose to pick up the items from our store and bring it directly to your customers! Please let us know if you prefer this method.

Care Tip: For delivered winter plants, please ensure that they are being stored in a properly covered area. Poinsettias don't do well outdoors or in extreme cold or heat (keep them away from heaters and vents).

3. Payment

We accept cash, cheque or credit card payment. Sorry, we cannot process individual fundraising orders at our store. Please arrange to have your customers pay you directly as we can only process the sum total from participating organizations.

If your order is being delivered, our driver will be able to accept cheque or cash upon delivery.

4. Keep the difference in profits!

After distributing plants to your customers, the money leftover from selling is yours to keep. Contact us for an Information Sheet detailing the potential profit you can earn from each fundraising item!

Gift Card Fundraising

Looking for an easy fundraising opportunity available at any time of year? We also offer a Gift Card Fundraising program that lets you earn 20% profit on every card sold. This program is open to non-profit organizations only, including schools, teams, charities and churches*.

Gift Cards may be used on anything at Vandermeer Nursery (except purchasing other gift cards or landscaping services) and have no expiration date. Register and begin selling today!

* Minimum order of 25 gift cards required.


Fundraising Office

Phone: 905-427-2525 extension #39
Fax: 905-427-2955