We carry a unique selection of indoor and exotic plants to dress up any room.

Indoor houseplants are decorative, easy to care for and functional. They not only help remove carcinogens in the room, they can also help to produce oxygen day and night for a natural source of fresh air. Choose low-maintenance indoor plants to purify your living space from common airborne pollutants such as Dracaena, Date Palm, Peace Lily, Flamingo Lily, Spider Plant or Rubber Plant.

Other selections of indoor plants we carry include Orchids, Bromeliads, Bonsai Trees, Air Plants, Venus Fly Traps, Pitcher Plants and more. We also have seasonal exotic plants such as Hibiscus, Banana Plants, Mandevilla, Passionflower and more. Pot sizes in our Tropical Plants section range from 4" to 2 gallon.

Please note: Not all varieties are in stock at all times. Please contact our store to find out availability.