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Pond Fish

Here at Vandermeer Nursery, we pride ourselves on offering quality, healthy Nishikigoi (Japanese Koi) from breeders in the Niigata and Hiroshima areas. Varieties of Koi available will vary from shipment to shipment.
Vandermeer Nursery also carries a nice selection of healthy high quality and pond grade Domestic Koi. Our high quality Domestics are imported from dedicated prominent koi breeders in the USA.

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Japanese Koi & Butterfly
Many varieties and sizes to choose from!


Our Koi Purchasing & Shipping Policy

Purchases: We do take requests to reserve koi for our customers. If you happen to see anything you like you are welcome to let us know and ask for fish to be held
until a pick up or delivery time is arranged. Please note that fish which are planned on being held longer than 14 days we ask for a 30% down payment of the total cost. If we hold the fish requested and you choose not to accept delivery or complete the sale the 30% is non-refundable as the koi could have been sold during that time.

~All shipments must be paid in full prior to shipping.

~All prices will be quoted in Canadian currency.
~All sizes are approximate.
~$500.00 Minimum Order required for Air Cargo Transport. There is an $85.00 shipping and handling charge on orders.
~Box charges are $10.00 per box.

 Shipping by Air Transport: Koi are double bagged with oxygen, packed in appropriate sized boxes - clearly marked "live fish", dropped at the airport 2 hours before flight departure. Koi are shipped via Air Canada Cargo or West Jet Cargo from Lester B. Pearson Intl Airport (YYZ) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to the closest major airport in your area - *That accepts live animals. Depending on the weather, ice packs may be required and used. Shipping cost varies from coast to coast; cost is determined by dimensional weight and distance traveled.
**We do not ship fish between July to August due to high temperatures.

Warranty Limitations: All Koi must be picked up from the airport within 3 hours of the flight arrival. We do guarantee our koi on purchases for a period of 72 hrs. If any problems arise please contact us within this time frame for the warranty to take effect. We must hear from you at the airport once your shipment has been received to let us know the fish arrived safe and unharmed. If not notified, Vandermeer Nursery Ltd. will not be held liable for damages. If a koi arrives and is not alive, so long as the box has not been crushed and/or punctured and/or wet, we will reimburse the monitory value of the loss not including shipping amount. We will require a photograph of the damages before reimbursement takes place.


Vandermeer Nursery also sells quality goldfish such as Shubunkins, Sarasa, Fantails and Comet Goldfish.
Cute, colourful, and friendly!
If you like goldfish you'll love our selection!

Goldfish Photographs and Pricing information