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Pond Goldfish

There are mainly two types of goldfish. They are the egg-shaped body goldfish and the flat body (standard) type.

The flat body types generally are the easiest to care for, most competitive , and the hardiest. Standard type goldfish include varieties such as the common comet, wakin, sarasa comet, and shubunkin goldfish.

Some of the more popular round or egg-shaped goldfish include varieties such as the fantail, ryukin, veiltail, oranda, pearlscale, telescope-eyed, black moor, ranchu, bubble-eye , and many others. It is important to note that most  of these goldfish variants with the exception of the fantail & ryukin, are not suited to be kept outdoors as "pond fish".

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Small Pond Comets


Medium Pond Comets


Large Pond Comets


Medium Sarasa & Shubunkin


Large  Sarasa & Shubunkin


Fantail goldfish
(Calico & Red/White)


Small $2.99
Medium $4.99
Large $6.99


wakin goldfish Wakin goldfish


Goldfish are popular pond fish because they are very hardy, making them an ideal 4 season fish. They can survive in a pond that experiences extreme temperatures, warm to cold. Standard type comets will do well in winter months as long as there is adequate oxygen and the pond does not completely freeze over.

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