Do you have a business in the horticulture industry?

Apply for a contractor’s account and get a discount whenever you shop with us!*

In an effort to support our fellow horticultural trades businesses and reward customer loyalty, we are proud to offer a contractor’s discount to those who qualify. Consider applying if you:


  • Are a business within the horticultural trade, including landscapers, florists, and other greenhouses
  • Have an HST number registered to your horticultural business
  • Are expecting to spend more than $500 per year


To apply, download the form below and submit it by email to at least 2 weeks ahead of your visit to ensure your application is approved before you arrive.

The Fine Print (Terms and Conditions)


Applying for a contractor’s account will not guarantee you will become an account holder. Each application is reviewed by the accounting department and discounts will not be given until the account is approved. Rebates will not be given for purchases prior to the approval of your contractor’s account. Accounts are cash and carry only and prices and availability are subject to change without notice. Credit accounts are not available unless they are based on pre-existing professional relationships prior to 2020.

Contractor discount is 20% off applicable items.

* Discount does not apply to the following items:

  • Soil and stone
  • Fertilizer
  • Tools
  • Pest management items
  • Select garden accessories
  • Fresh cut greens & arrangements
  • Christmas trees
  • Sale items
  • Clearance items

Maintaining Contractor Accounts


Accounts will be reviewed every January and any accounts that have not been used or purchased at least $500 worth of product before taxes will be put on hold for the following year. Account names will still be kept in the system so we can monitor purchases for the hold year and if the account reaches the minimum amount spent, the account will be reactivated at the next review period (January). Discounts will not apply when accounts are on hold and rebates will not be issued if the account is reactivated at a later date.