To get your plants started on the “right foot” they must be planted properly! There are a few easy steps you can take to ensure their growing success...

1) Dig your hole


Once you’ve determined where you want your new plant, dig a hole twice as wide and slightly deeper than the size of your plant’s pot.

2) Prep your roots


Remove your pot and “score” your root system. You can either use a knife and make a few vertical cuts in the bottom section of the roots or use your hands to gently loosen your root system so it isn’t tightly intertwined with itself. If your plant has burlap, twine or a wire basket around the roots, make sure they are removed before planting!

3) Place your plant


Place your plant in your hole so the base of it sits slightly above the existing soil level.

4) Backfill the hole


Backfill the hole with triple mix, or half triple mix and half native soil (the soil that you removed from your garden to dig the hole).

5) Add your fertilizer


We recommend applying a starter fertilizer with a high Phosphorus content to encourage rooting. If you prefer a granular application, try Acti-Sol Transplanter, or if you prefer a liquid application, try ProMix Root Booster or Miracle Gro Quick Start.

6) Water in!


Holding your hose at the base of your plant, give your new plant plenty of water to ensure the whole root ball is soaked. Make sure you remember to water your new plant on a regular basis, likely daily, for at least the first season! Lack of water is the #1 cause of new plant death.

7) Bonus: Add mulch


If you use mulch in your garden, add a small layer on top of your new plant. Mulch can help your plants retain moisture and suppress weeds. Just make sure you leave a small gap between the base of your plant and your mulch layer so you don’t encourage rotting of the stem.

Remember, patience is key


When planting perennials, trees, or shrubs, you want to enjoy it for years to come! The first year will be the toughest on your plant as it gets used to its new home, so don’t expect perfection. The beautiful blooms, lush foliage, and impressive size will come with age and a healthy root system, so from the second or third year, your plant will really start to shine. Good things come to those who wait!